Facebook vs Reality

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Social Media
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Is Facebook alive? Is it becoming a threat for users? Should we fear or love it?

Ouff.. These kind of questions are in my mind for about month now and I seems to be the only one in my surrounding questioning myself about Facebook. There is more than 800 millions active users of this social media, but I feel like many of them are not aware of the consequences of the use of it. Loosing your job or money and being rejected to a university are just some examples. In the following lines, I will try to make you realize and understand what really is Facebook.

Nowadays, it seems like every action we make on Facebook as repercussions in reality. Don’t ever delete someone on Facebook that you see in your everyday life because there is a good chance that he or she will not talk to you anymore. Isn’t crazy!?! Every comment, poke, like, and wall post are serious out there, be carefull. If you type in something make sure you will not regret it.

Furthermore, some users are having trouble finding the difference between Facebook and the Reality. I have seen things and heard stories you would not believe. Can someone tell me what is the point of buying a virtual pig with real money? People are literally buying to have some specific pixels on their screen and by the way the pig is not making you real money but fake one (farm money or something). Some of us, Facebook users, are losing it and it is sad.

It became so big that everyone has it and everyone wants more and more “Friends”. It does not seem to be a big issue at first but if you think about it a little more, you will find out that it is. Let’s say, you have 900 Facebook “Friends”. Out of 900, how many of them would open you their door at the middle of the night? How many of them would be at ease to go out and have lunch with you like two good friends? Not many I guess, unfortunately. If you have 1000 Facebook “Friends”, you maybe have 10 real Friends. What if you leave Facebook for a bit and start to go out a little bit more and meet new people, you will maybe lose some of your “Friends” and make some friends. Facebook “Friends” will not bring you anything more than likes and comments, remember that.

Facebook advertisements are also something you should be aware of. Their system is based on what kind of things you “Liked” on your profile. On your profile, it says : “Share your interests”, but what Facebook is really telling you is : “Tell us which advertisements to put on your sidebar so that we can make more money on you”. Watch out!

Facebook seems like a friend but it can easily become an enemy. Many universities are looking at profile before accepting you. Pictures with beer while underage or drugs are a threat for your future even tough you may not be the one who posted it online. I have heard people losing their job for posting a status on Facebook against their employer too.

STALKERS, I almost forgot those guys! Be sure to change your default privacy option. If you don’t every Facebook user is able to check out every pictures you have and all your information.

Ahhh, I have to admit that in some cases Facebook can be very interesting and it is the only reason why I am still on this social media. It is now easier to keep in touch with old friends even if you are not living in the same city. It is also a nice place to “chat”.

Finally, Facebook can be good for users who are aware of what they are part of. There are many downsides that are not negligible. Many users are victims of Facebook without knowing. I think that it’s the case of many teens and young adults of the 21st century, but it is not our fault. In fact, have you ever seen marketing and TI having a such high power on human beings. We are constantly overwhelmed with “Check us out on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter”, “Check our YouTube Account”, etc. Even universities are acting this way, what’s next?…

 Tell me what you think!


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