Let the journey begin!

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I am only an 18 years old young man who feels the need to express himself through some kind of media and to make people realize what is happening today, tomorrow and in the near future. If you are interested, you are welcome!

  1. RYAN!!!!!!!! says:

    I git alittle out of hand on facebook theses last few weeks. People do like to lash out at one another or they like to lash out at the ones that make there day perfect and meaning less. FaceFbook is just faceFbook to me but I do comment once in a good while to there there response to what i just wrote. What can I say? I love it in my own little way now. I should be called the face less book of codes. I’m not late or out of date. I LOVE it when they hate. But I dont hurt nobody or try to in the mean time. I could if i want but like i said it meaning less to GOD’s eye’s. U can tell alot about that person just by looking at there profile picture or there pictures or what they write day in and day out. U cant realy there information because majorty LIE about it. I was havings words with a female that i know. I remember tha last words i had with her along time ago. So the same happened again to nights ago and she was not a true mother to her, her kids, and her man. so i gave her my number see whats up with her to pice this together. It realy dont matter anymore and im not perpct nobodys it. If u think u are then your a foooolllllll in GOD’s eye’ssss. If i could i would open a new and aprove ‘Facebook 12″ and change the name right there in there face to “Faceless Book Of Codes” FBOC!!! or Faceless Codes. God Bless and much love to all fake or not.

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