Christmas Shopping 2011

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Take it easy..
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Take it easy.. Christmas Shoppers!

Hey guys! If you just stumbled on my website from Google because you were looking for tips and tricks on Christmas Shopping, you are at the wrong place. I am not going to lie to you. However, it might be great idea for you especially to continue reading.

It’s getting cold outside and Christmas songs are on the radio. There are less than 10 days before Christmas and things are already getting crazy out there, in the malls. I think that many of you need to ask themself what is the main goal of Christmas. Get together in family, talk, and have fun! Gifts and more gifts are not the thing that will make you happy.

I saw a disturbing article on The Star [.] com about Christmas shoppers sharing their strategies. Isn’t crazy. People were buying for thousands of dollars of electronics, perfume and other stuff that they do not necessarily need!

I am 18 years old and all what I want for Christmas is a toothbrush and money to help me being able to do a humanitarian trip next summer. Since I think that most of us in North America don’t need gifts, I am giving mine to people in need by going in their country to help and support them.

Think about it, if you or your kids need time to fill out your or their wish list, there is a problem!

Isn’t weird that people in Africa for example would cry of joy getting a water bottle for Christmas while some of us get a new laptop with only a smile on their face.

Take it easy.. Christmas Shoppers


  1. vixytwix says:

    Such wisdom from someone young(er than me) 🙂 A lovely post and a good reality check.

  2. vixytwix says:

    Oh, by the way…the quote under your header, is that yours??? I used to tell people we live in our dreams awake. That was kind of hauntingly beautiful seeing that written up there.

  3. mrtinney says:

    I am calling in a Liebster here!!! Nominated!!

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