Dollar and a Dream

Everyone should have a dream.

My dream is to be a major airline pilot, fly everywhere at 33 000 feet, go in many countries, see the world, never being stuck in an office from 8am to 5pm.

The training cost a lot and jobs in major airlines are really not easy to get. I will try anyway. Each day, my desktop background on my laptop remind me the reason why i am getting up. It’s a nice picture of a plane and I wrote in the upper right corner : “If you don’t pursue what you really want to do, and end up doing what society and everyone else expects of you, you will always be wondering how things could have ended up.”

My father and my grandmother do not agree with this choice. In fact, she even told me that I was disappointing her! Anyway, I don’t really care. It is not like I would want to drop school and do a minimum wage job. I do no get it, that’s all.

Others tell me that I will not make it. “It’s too hard to get a job. You have no chance of being an airline pilot.” I’ll show them how things are done.

Nevertheless, it will cost me a lot. I need at least an undergraduate degree and I need all my pilot licences. Pilot training is a least 50 000$, but what’s worth the fact of doing what you like for 30 years and get paid to do it.

What are your dreams?


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