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Oh Twitter,
Twitter is the Thing.

Since about 4 months, I started tweeting a lot. Personally, I do think that it is the best social media out there. What about Facebook? Bah, Facebook is Facebook.. You should really check out my other post on the subject. Twitter is underrated by many and really deserve to be better known.

I started on Twitter on November 27, 2010. At first, I enjoyed because I joined with some of my friends. It was nice to Tweet “going out tonight with the boys” and so on. It still is today, don’t get me wrong, but there’s way MORE.

Since about 4 months, I am following more and more people and my experience gets better and better. I am following not only friends, but celebrities and athletes. Because my dream is to be an airline pilot (check out my page on the subject if you are interested), I am following NYCAVIATION for the best news in this domain and many airline pilots.

Following news channels and journalists keeps you up to date with ANY new events happening RIGHT NOW in front of your house or at the other side of the World.

Some of guys might say “I don’t know what to Tweet about”. This is common to every rookie haha. Start following others and you will see how things are down and I am sure you will get the hang of it.

Twitter does not really needs any good review these day to grow but I feel like I needed to express myself on this subject for the ones who were not Tweeting yet. With his 106 million users, the little bird is getting bigger and bigger. Like we say in French, “Il vole de ses propres ailes”, “He’s independent and she doesn’t need anybody’s help”…

Come and say hi! @MTLINCOME


TV, cellphone, computer, laptop, electronic tablets…

Right now, as I am typing this, I am listening to TV and I have my cellphone just next to me. Isn’t crazy? What’s happening with us, the youth of the 21st century?

We are always around screens. When I am home, 95% of the time I am listening to TV, having fun on my laptop or texting. This is a problem, yes, but there are more. In the subway, at school and at work there are TVs everywhere. It’s almost impossible not to be in contact with screens.

So, what can we do? There are not really anything we could do to change this situation but getting away slowly from screens can be a first step. Decreasing the number of hours in front of the TV or the computer will be where we could start. I keep myself telling me: “What would I do then?!”. This is alarming, we developed an addiction to screens!

Don’t get me wrong, I play sports and all that. It is not because I am writing a blog that I am always on my computer. I do know that we have a problem but I am not able to bring solutions. Taking a break from home and going to a cottage might be a good idea, but we will always come back to where we were, at home with all our screens…

Do you have a solution?